Making delicious fried fish

Fish is a good choice for a family meal Vietnam. Fried fish dishes usually have the aroma of vegetables, a tasty blend of spices with a sweet taste of the fish is a delicacy milled rice taken.


For more tasty meal, you can add fish rolls with delicious taste them!


– 400g fresh fish (fish that you choose waterfall strabismus or mackerel will taste better, outside the supermarket that sells ready-made fish meal but not as good)

– 100g lean pork

– 4 shallots

– 100g dill

– A little green onion

– Cooking oil, seasoning, pepper, chilli


Step 1:

– Individuals bring clean, keep aside to drain. Then, stripped of skin, use curette take part and minced meat.

Step 2:

– Lean meats also bring washed, cut into small pieces and minced. You can buy meat grinder outside and told them always to be well.

Step 3:

– Fresh green onions, dill bring quit picking roots, leaf chlorosis and then washed, cut very small.

– Dried onion peeled, finely chopped.

– For green onions, dill and shallots and mix together the chopped again for krill.

Step 4:

– Pour the mixture into individual bowls, add lean meat, 1 teaspoon seasoning, a little pepper, then stir to combine ingredients together. Set aside for 15 minutes.

Step 5:

– Apply a little oil on the palm to prevent sticking rolls. Scoop a spoonful of this mixture and then the vo round fish, lightly pressing down to flat. Repeat the same until the end.

Step 6:

– The cooking oil in a pan and boil until very hot, then turn the heat down to a small, drop into the pan fried fish was molded. Once the sealed pan, heat on loud and fried until the 2 sides of the patties browned. Note that flip and check constantly to fried fish was not burnt.

When done, fried fish can bring immediate consumption or processed into other dishes.

Dish is fried fish dish much loved especially children, so after learning recipes delicious fried fish dish like this, but hopefully you will often treat both high protein fish rolls , tasty, delicious, put rice. Good luck!