Seafood fried rice

Fried rice or fried rice is also known as familiar dishes of Vietnam. Today, when making fried rice, we often for more new material to get a special rice dish according to their preferences. And learning how to make seafood fried rice delicious and extremely beautiful below to enjoy offline!



– 2 small bowls of rice
– 50g dried shrimp
– 1 egg
– 4 black tiger shrimp
– 1 small carrot
– Few peas
– Paprika to decorate


– Omelette thin.

– Cut small cubes style eggs, to separate.

– Dried shrimp washed, soaked in water until soft.

– Tiger prawns lightly cooked, peeled, halved shrimp and set aside.

– Peas if purchased in the box, only for the basket, rinse, if the fresh beans are washed poaches boiling water.

– Small diced carrots.

– Northern oil pan on the stove, for non-aromatic garlic into, for rice, stirring, followed by carrots, turn down the fire, into the rice 1/2 teaspoon seasoning salt, 1/2 teaspoon seasoning.

– For soaked dried shrimp, stirring. Note gentle island not to crushed rice.

– Season with a little sugar, wait until the hunt rice, carrots slightly soft, add beans, stirring, followed by the eggs. For just mouth tasting, can add a little pepper or salt if pale.

– Pick up the decorations with prawns, capsicum.

– Add a little hot with coriander chutney food was delicious.